Changes all around me

21 10 2006

I`ve been out of the net for almost exactly half year. During that time a lot of things have changed, some more, some less.
The day I return I find out that my favourite board is dead for good. It was dying already, basically just a rotting carcass of it`s previous self with not more than few posts a day. There used to be hundreds of posts while the place was alive, but suddenly more and more people drifted away, until finally there was left a small group of observers who waited for something to happen but didn`t post by themselves, unless to comment on a previous post. Oh well, things like that happen.

Same with software. New versions of favourite applications irritate me, some changes make it hard to work or at least confuse me. Took me a few days to stop clicking on the wrong end of the screen to open a new tab in Opera.

And of course people change too. Recently I lost a friend. He was a very nice guy who had some personal problems and always asked me for help. This help was very simple, just listening what he had to say, letting him pour his life difficulties through the Trillian window, share his guitar recordings with me (he used to make cool western themes covers). Not really much but I guess that was what he needed. Unfortunately half year ago I lost net, and of course I lost contact with him.
Once I returned, I sent him a message, he replied about half day later, and one of the things he said was that he`s now a born again christian. Or rather Born Again Christian, as he spelled it. We got into a short debate, as my views are a bit on the side of seeing religious text as mythology. I don`t see any difference between christianity or ancient greece beliefs. This of course angered him, and he started shouting at me and for the next two day throwing random (or so it seems) bible quotes at me. At this point I stopped responding. Still makes me sad he took this turn but if it makes him happy, good for him.
Don`t think we could continue our friendship seeing that half of my interests are often conflicting with organized religions. Oh well.

There are positive changes too of course. Finally I decided to do something and mark my presence in the world, with my music (various musical projects, none of which so far released), writing (mostly interested in comics & graphic novels) and digital art (can`t say I`m the greatest here but I`m working on it).

So watch out the world, here I come, or rather try to climb on the first step on the stairs to memories of future generations (if there will be any, who says we won`t wipe out ourselves in the next few decades).




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