23 10 2006

Decided to upload some of my old short comics to my deviantart site. Both are very short, two and three pages respectively.

First one is Toilet Story, my oldest existing comic, or rather oldest existing comic that I`m willing to show online. Don`t be scared by the title, it`s nothing perverted (I`ll warn you if I`ll be putting something like THAT). Entirely black & white and bascically wordless, unless you count sound effects as words. This was basically a test if I can make a short, traditional comic book, first pencils, then ink (or “ink”, since I used a black marker to fill the large black spaces. By now this black marker turned purple despite keeping the pages in a drawer).

Toilet Story Page 1 Page 2

Second comic is longer, and it also includes colors. Made in quite possibly 2003 (might have been 2002 or 2004), it was planned as a beginning of longer series of short stories but I never got around to do any more of them. The idea was to use very old jokes, stories from legends/fables (mostly polish ones) plus my own writings to write about a small town placed at the end of the world. The title was going to be explained in second episode, where the sheepherder was camping with two angels, and while eating roast sausages, they explained to him that end of the world will most likely happen after he dies.
Sadly, the concept died pretty quick as I was unable at that point to finish the pages, they were drawn without any panel frames or word baloons and I was going to add them later after scanning, but unfortunately I didn`t have a working scanner for a while.

The Town At The End Of The World #1 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3




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