The last two weeks

27 11 2006

I need to update this place more often. Anyway…

The last two weeks were odd. First I fell into a huge well of lazyness out of which I had to climb out slowly, (kinda like sadako, except I didn`t fail during my life and didn`t have to take revenge by coming out of people’s tv sets) and when I was ready to start working on a remix for someone, I ended up being pulled into a most unlikely project for me, I helped on animation. Me, who has problems finishing one simple image once in a while, ended up tracing over 150 frames in four days, from morning to evening, except the last day which was much shorter work. I`ll post some further details on the entire animation later, for now I`ll just say it is for an arts degree and the part I did will score me the limited 2cd edition of Angelspit‘s Krankhaus album, the sweetest bit of kinky industrial audio poison to hit my ears in ages 🙂

I have to wait for it of course as that edition is not out yet, but whatever, I`m happy anyway.

In other news.

I`m also on the last few pages of thumbnails for my comic book script, AND I found a second artist for a second project who currently is a bit busy, but that gives me time to finish some scripts. We’ll most likely do a short story before anyway to see how we work together and then I hope to do some longer series or a graphic novel with him.




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