Christmas update

25 12 2006

Well, I`m still alive (so far) and I hope to remain in an alive state at least for a while 🙂

Anyway, financial situation is not too good, but it could be much worse too so I guess that`s ok. Not much has happened with my art (whichever type of), except me making couple of new images and slowly searching for a label. Oh, and I wrote down several ideas for my comics but no proper scripts this time.

Also my net went down for a while, or rather I got capped because of going over the 15gb transfer limit. The trick was I already paid for uncapping it so that I don`t have to worry about limits (exactly why I didn`t make it) and I had to complain to them. So the next month is a bit cheaper thanks to that.

Anyway, because of that I wasn`t able to log almost anywhere (512/256 connection turned into 32/32k connection = crap) and so I didn`t get a chance to witness the groundbreaking moment, mainly my track being played in an internet radio dj mix show 🙂

They kinda forgot to put my link there but whatever it`s here and I think you can still listen to it maybe?

That’s all I guess.


Just when it gets better…

2 12 2006

Life loves to kick you in the ass. I found out today that apparently we haven`t paid the bill for our flat in the last three months. Which most likely will put all my projects on hold as I`ll have to search for extra money :/

Oh well, shit happens, just flush it and keep going on.

Deviantart update

1 12 2006

Just finished updating my deviantart gallery. Added three new images, one of them being the new banner/logo for this blog

Noise Fetish Banner by ~noise-fetish on deviantART

and the other two:

Silver or chrome ornament by ~noise-fetish on deviantART

Crowboy from Hell sketch by ~noise-fetish on deviantART

descriptions in the gallery 🙂