Whoah, look at the time

29 01 2007

I haven`t been here in aaages.

Anyway, I`m still alive as you can see. The financial situation is still shit so nothing new.
Recently I`ve been working on several of my comics ideas, mostly retyping my various notes into the computer, searching for online references and hopelessly waiting for the artist to respond (the one that I mentioned earlier about). I don`t know if he`s ignoring me or is simply too busy to respond on, but I hope it`s the latter. I really really hope he`s not trying to make a run for it with my script. Just in case buddy, I have the original files, the paper version of the story it was based on (which originally was thought up as a comic book anyway) and the thumbs with comments I did for the script 😛

So yeah, where were I? Ah yes, typing things. Well, currently I`m busy collecting all notes on a huge, still unnamed fantasy world that I`ve been working on an off since I was 13.
It originally started as a rpg idea, you know, the pen & paper thing like warhammer or werewolf the apocalypse (loved the bloodlines game despite all the bugs btw), but quickly I decided that since I don`t really play them I have no idea what a good game needs. I also realised that it`s not the game I want to make but the world. So I changed the idea a bit and redid it into a fantasy world, later merging other ideas into it.
Among these other ideas there was one about the character I named Durison (can`t remember where I got the name from), who originally, during one of my “plagiarize names from mythologies” periods was named Belor (dunno why), and this character quickly became the main star of twenty or so unfinished stories.
The original concept was that he marries a woman of another race and his son marries a woman of yet another race and his daughter marries a guy named Jazz, all that until the 50th generation that was supposed to give a warrior named Angus (was very fond of that name back then, even used it as a nickname, but then they made a movie about some fat kid named like that and seeing I was a little on the chubby side form time to time I dropped the name), who was going to be THE superior warrior, an eternal with special skills and whatnot.
That idea luckily quickly fell apart (but I did keep the early generations of Durison’s family) and I left the whole thing for couple of years. Later I was working on an idea of an atlantis continent, got me this huuuuge poster for some bubblegum thing, drew a map of the continent on the reverse side (was taking entire free space in my room which is rather small considering how much of it is taken by various crap) and again during my “name plagiarizing” moment I ended up writing latin names of whatever stars I could find, which I found the idea silly later and glued little orange stickers all over that map.
This of course looked totally shitty so in the end I threw out the entire thing, leaving just a bunch of notes.
Notes that I later reused partially in constructing the past of Durison’s world.
Next big attempt was again few yers later, probably around 2000, when I started rewriting the world’s history. I ended up doing it in a form of a website (hand coded html on amiga 1200 = verrrry small fonts now) which I zipped then (well, I used lha actually, but whatever) and forgot about it, later thinking I lost it somewhere.
So what was the next step? over a year ago I lost internet and ended up redoing the entire world once more, ended up making it almost 30 thousands long history of five races and five gods, and I managed to write down first 20 thousand years or so with only the use of few tiny maps. But then it all got too detailed and I was loosing track of it so I decided to wait with it until I can draw some maps on my pc.
Recently I managed to gather all of these notes: the early durison stories, the few “factfiles” I typed on my Amiga, the html thing I found in a forgotten folder when I copied all my old Amiga files from this one gb hd to a hdf file. Also the Atlantis world, old rpg notes, bit later notes made during the stories, couple of other minor fantasy ideas that fit into it quite easily and finally these 150 pages of handwritten text I wrote over a year ago. And I`m retyping it all into my pc. The total amount of the folder with the rtf files is about 500kb now, I`m guessing there`s 200-300 more on paper. hopefully I`m capable of doing anything with all that stuff once it`s all available under the serach option, would hate seeing it go to waste.

wow, look at me go off about a project. I think I`ll write about my hard drive copying adventure next time.