The beauty of writer’s block

27 02 2007

Ah, the joy of being stuck halfway through your work, not being able to write another sentence, despite the fact that the ideas are there and you just can`t seem to find the right word to start.

I just had one long writer’s block that lasted over a week and stopped me from finishing the early script for a four issue comic book miniseries. I wrote first two in less than three days. And then I got stuck, unable to plot out the second half of third one and jumping ahead to make notes for the fourth one.

And that was it…

…Days pass…

…More days pass…

…Finally, I sat down and managed to write the damned part, only to get stuck again on the fourth one…

…Luckily this time the block has been shorter and I managed to go ahead, writing small chunks, and I think I`m 1/3 done with it, the rest being very very very loosely plotted in a form of 10 sentences or so.

I do hope to finish it soon, it would be my second completed script. Now if only the guy that`s supposed to draw the first one wasn`t so busy with his work šŸ™‚

Thus I decided to draw the second one myself, seeing as it`s shorter and the story seems to be more appropriate for my somewhat messy art style. So expect something in a year or two šŸ˜›




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