Finished :)

3 03 2007

Last time I was complaining about the writer’s block, but also pointed out it`s not too bad at the moment. And guess what, it wasn`t. Which means that I finished the script finally.

Yep, the first version of script for Six Bullets Left is done and I`m currently practicing drawing, sketching character designs, etc. Can`t say when I`ll start properly drawing and how much changes will be done to the script, but hopefully it`ll start soon.

So yeah, the script is finished, currently it`s in a 30k text file, which is not much, and is basically descriptions of actions with 80% of the dialogues ready. Which means I still need to split it into panels (so far I only decided on the length of scenes in loose pagecount) and write the rest of text.

…And then draw all 88 pages of it 😛

Meanwhile I guess I`ll focus on writing other stuff, there`s at least 30 ideas I`m developing at once (in various stages of completion), some of which are on hold cause you don`t jump into making comics with an epic that`ll take ten years to complete 😛




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