What a day…

21 03 2007

It all started yesterday, actually, so that’s where I’ll start too.

I got two thing yesterday. First, thanks to a very good friend, I got new speakers. I don’t think he’ll ever read that but thanks again 🙂
Second, I got a notice about an unpaid internet bill, apparently I missed one somehow a month or two ago.
Also one more thing happened yesterday, that is my brother’s computer going insane. It crashed, and took the hd with itself, screwing up the c: drive (or just the mbr).

Fast forward to today.

I went to find out how long I have until I have to pay for the net and decided to get rid of some crap items online (old books and comics I don’t need anymore) to pay them. I sold some and if money arrives by Monday latest, I should be saved from disconnection.

When I got home I decided to reinstall my webcam as it didn’t really work anymore (nothing new, does that regularly). This of course screwed up my audio drivers, as if the fact that soundmax drivers have no equalizer on my comp for whatever reason wasn`t annoying enough. So I reinstalled these too.
Meanwhile my brother reinstalled windows… only to find out that windows doesn’t see his integrated ethernet card. He jumped at me with his “they probably disconnected my net instead of yours” which is impossible cause I know it won’t be touched at least until Monday, plus disconnected internet DOES NOT make your ethernet card evaporate from your system. Anyway, there is no net visible, can’t install drivers, even if we force them it says that it doesn’t work. I’m guessing it’s hardware problem while my brother insists it’s windows problem, thus he went to reinstall it AGAIN.

And all that totally disrupted my writing today, not to mention that yesterday writing was affected too.

Speaking of writing. Despite the problems, I’m already done with full script with layouts and thumbs for the first two issues, and am currently working on pages 6-9 for third issue, if nothing comes out tomorrow I should get to 11+, and hopefully have it done by the end of the week, with next week left for the fourth issue.
That’ll be the end of second phase.




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