Full script finished!

24 04 2007

Two days ago it finally happened. After weeks of writing, more writing, drawing thumbnails, panel layouts, random sketches and several days filled with writer’s block and “OMG I’LL NEVER FINISH IT”‘s…

I finished.

I finished my second full script, four issue miniseries titled Six Bullets Left. Yep, it`s full, has all dialogues, panel descriptions, actions, descriptions and whatever else (barely any captions though as I don’t use them often).

Now, that was the easy part. Now I’ll have to draw it all, every one of the 88 pages, every panel of 437 panels. Damn, and to think hundreds of people do that every day.

And all that while working on another script.

Ok, I just scared myself. Still, I am happy with my titanic achievement (despite the fact that on the grand scale of comic book creations it sits very low) and look forward to drawing this. Cause if I can finish this tale, I can finish a longer one too.

I`m sounding sooo dramatic today, haha.




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