Back to music?

11 05 2007

Seems I have returned to music for a bit. It’s going to be ten years since I started making music, so I decided to give it another go, and make one more album. But since it is an anniversary, it should be a special one, thus I attempt to build one out of pieces of all my creations since 1997. Well, all the unused ones that don’t form any album or anything like that anyway.

Currently I`m halfway through with dismantling my old .mod and .dbm files and making loops out of that for easier editing, then I`m pulling out the backups of my noisetapes and other stuff, I’ll use these to spice up the backgrounds.

While writing this I remembered that I had a similar idea few years ago, when I was thinking about an album constructed out of my old unfinished modules, but nothing came out of that idea since I was too lazy to work on it.

So, if I finish the album, it’ll be for the Pink Noise Inferno project, and hopefully will incorporate bits of my recordings from early years mostly (various attempts at techno, rock and industrial), spiced up with more recent discoveries in noise, ambient, drone and glitch.

And after that… we’ll see what’s after that, I might drop music, or I might start something new, or continue with the old. Who knows 🙂