Music and comics

6 06 2007

Ah, the unpredictability of creativity. Last time I posted I was mumbling about the tenth anniversary project thing and how it’s gonna be great and stuff…

Well, ok not really, but something close enough. Anyway.

Came out that after making the first track (which in its raw state is about 4 minutes long) I had no idea what to do afterwards. So I went in a totally different direction.

First, I’m blending all my projects together to form only two, Din Krakatau and Pink Noise Inferno. I’d move it all to one, but Din Krakatau has already a myspace and a whole bunch of people heard it (well, a whole lot from my point of perspective starts around 50 and I’m sure at least that much people did hear about it) so it’s going to be two. Din Krakatau gets all the material that takes long to make and is attempting to blend genres and create unified albums by going in totally different directions on every track (thus taking ages to do anything), while Pink Noise Inferno gets everything else, mostly all the “theme/sound” creations of mine, meaning one album might be total noise, while the next one pure lullabies… or something like that.

Second, I started working on an album for PNI that’s rather heavy and dark. Friends who heard the first tracks said something about industrial, noise and illbient. Personally I have no idea where to put it, all I know is I’m using slow (or very slow) distorted beats laid over dark ambient/drone backgrounds, with lots of reverbs and delays, distortions and overdrives, yet keeping it fairly listenable.

In news not related to music: I’m still waiting for art samples for Law of Revenge, while my second project, Six Bullets Left, is currently hanging in air as I seem to be unable to draw certain things. There’s a possibility I’ll have to give it away to someone else. That is, IF I find someone else at all.

That’s it for the “wonderful” news, time to return to pretending I’m busy with writing.