New blog?

11 07 2008

Ah, the wonders of internet. I am forced to start a new blog. Why forced, you may ask?

Well… Here’s the story.

After Blogspot switched to blogger 2.0, they went with Google Accounts rather than their own accounts. I delayed switching as long as it was possible, but then I had no choice. Had to get a google account.

Ok, whatever, I’m not going to need it for anything else, just one more login and password to remember. So I got the account, switched… and all kinds of shitty login problems started. As a result I stopped posting on my blog, not being in the mood for trudging through various problems.

A year has passed since my last post, and I decided to revive the blog. I tend to sit on a couple of forums, but often I want to talk about stuff that’s absolutely unrelated to them, so a blog would be a good place. I can also connect my various media projects together (as I am attempting to break into comics and music). Bringing back my blog seemed like a good idea.

So I go to the site and attempt to login. Oh wait, what’s my Google Account? Umm… uhh… crap.


The next thing, I am scrambling all over the place, checking various options, attempting to remember the login/password, going through many recovery options and all that shit. Nothing worked.

So here I am, with  a brand new blog continuing the tradition of the previous one, that is: Pure chaos 😀

There will be updates on all the things I create and on various interesting stuff that I found on the net. And personal musings on topic that no one cares about but me. Having said that, it’s time to catch up on other activities, I have wasted enough time on moving here.




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