“Music” in a Box

12 07 2008

I’ve been making music (and “music”) since 1997. Last year was my 10 year music making anniversary.

I still have to release anything other than a “remix” on a friend’s album.

So what did I do on my anniversary? I started to work on an album that was going to mix my tracks together, forming totally new tracks. And I shared some of my tracks online with various people. And basically that was it.

The whole “ten years without release” situation got me a bit depressed, so I was going to dump it all and forget about music, but I am pretty happy that I didn’t do it. No, I don’t have a cd coming out… yet.

A friend suggested to me that I should make a boxset out of my existing music perhaps. Seeing that I had similar thoughts at some point, I picked it up from there and ran with the idea.

The results?  Well, no that many results so far. I have the conceptual design ready and figured out how it affects my music.

First: everything goes into one project. No more Din Krakatau, Zero Null, Kaiju Gaijin, Stille von Landsberg and so on. From now on everything is a part of Pink Noise Inferno. If it’ll be a colaboration with someone or a band, then I’ll be using a different name. Or perhaps on something with vocals. But other than that, everything is PNI.

Second: The boxset will be in mp3/ogg format, split across two dvds with a third dvd featuring video material. First disc will contain my earlier Amiga 66/Amiga 1200 Protracker modules and various noise experiments from these days (sampled from my old tapes), while the second disc will feature later tracks that were made in Digibooster Pro and all of my PC creations.

Thus the idea of The Pink Box is born. All I have to do now is find time to edit over 400 tracks. It’ll be either self-published or on some label that might be interested in a weird project like that.

Musically, it’s all over the place. There are silly pop melodies, rhytmic noise, dark ambient, drone, post industrial, techno, hardcore, idm, industrial, electronica, technoid, and anything else that I could come up with.

Why not a stack of albums instead? I could do so. But then I’d have to make singles too, as some “genres” (using this word very lightly here) are featured by one or three songs, that’s not really enough for a proper album, is it? So a box it is.




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