Din Krakatau, the story of a name

13 07 2008

Din Krakatau is a webcomic on which I have been working since February 2008, and will most likely toil until the end of year or longer. Sometimes it’s lots of fun, sometimes it isn’t, but overall I am happy with how the story develops and the progress in my art. But, this was supposed to be about the name.

Around 2000 or 2001 I was searching for a name for one of my audio projects. At this point I had an idea of somewhat repetitive, quickly assembled noise/experimental tracks that would be labeled only by numbers, and so would be the albums. For example if first album would contain 10 tracks, it’d be titled “0001-0010”, and if the second one would have 11 tracks, then it’d be “0011-0022”. And so on. Project never got realized and I ended up making one or two track for it (which most likely will be included in The Pink Box) .But I did  get around to create a name for it.

Din Krakatau.

The original idea was something like this. Find an english word that implies noise but without being as obvious. After going through the dictionary for an hour or two, I settled for Din, which I decided to pair with another noisy word, but something only implying noise rather than being a word for it. I picked the volcano Krakatoa, but used the Polish spelling of it, Krakatau. Sounded like a perfect name for it. 🙂

Skipping ahead to 2002. A friend told me about a p2p site called AudioGalaxy. I thought it might be a good place to push my track onto people, so I went there, joined and… found out that Skapegoat, the name I was using for one of my projects, is already in use by someone!

After five minute long brainstorm I decided to use the name Din Krakatau for that project. And so I did. Well, shortly thereafter AG got under attack from RIAA, they started to block songs and finally locked up the ability to share entirely, turning this into some weird mutated music forums. Anyway, Din Krakatau was now what previously was known as Skapegoat, what previously was known as Cloven, what previously was known… you get the idea.

So, this name has remained with that project for couple of years, when I was mostly hibernating musically. At some point I tried to start my own netlabel, but bandwidth in these days was beyond my financial reach and none of the free hosts allowed any mp3s to be stored on their servers. And I absolutely REFUSED to use sites offering 96 or 128Kbit audio quality (mp3.com got butchered around that time anyway, when the new owners deleted couple of millions or so of songs from independent artists).

Digressing again (as I always do). Don’t remember the actual year, but couple of my albums did circulate p2p networks, as did a lot of demos under the names of Pink Noise Inferno, Stille von Landsberg, Kaiju Gaijin and Zero Null and of course Din Krakatau.

Around 2005 or 2006 I have finally finished an entire DK album, rather quickly followed by four tracks that I started working on. Both circulated p2p networks again, possibly bringing up my fanbase to 10 or so people. there’s an abandoned Myspace site from that period floating around too.

2007, I am truncating the number of projects to two, and finally, in early 2008 to one, Pink Noise Inferno. A month or so later, I am starting making a “practice” comic and I really need a name quickly. Oh hey, that Din Krakatau name is free. So I used it. Result? A name quickly tacked on becomes integral part of the storyline, inspiring the events to occur, and ultimately tying it into a larger story that I was working on since a while (which I keep tucked away for whenever I am capable of drawing few hundred pages in a row).

You thought this would be about the webcomic itself? Next time, maybe. This post is becoming long enough as it is.




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