The future of Din Krakatau

14 07 2008

Seeing that I am about to hit half of the story, I have spent some time pondering the future of it. Now, I have an idea where I want to take it, perhaps even might write a proper script before I start drawing it, rather than work on small batches of pages as I do now. Still.

Wow, I am looking at the rough layout for the 64th page, about to transfer it onto a larger page and then fill it with all the details. As it is right now, this is the longest story I have drew. Ever.

In the 1995-2005 period I did a total of 11 pages (in five comics ranging from 1 to 3 pages), and then later in 2007, a short unfinished story (4 pages out of 9 or so, the style used for this one was too time consuming, one page was taking up to a week to finish). Not very amazing result, isn’t it?

As a kid I have filled at least couple of thousands of pages with my drawings and comics. Now, this is a very rough estimate but I can tell you that I used 120 or 160 page notebooks for my drawings and I have filled dozens of these. All of these formed two stacks of notebooks, which if put together, would make a tower taller than I was at that age! Sadly, we threw out most of them, which I really regret. I did save one though 🙂

In the later phase of that period, I was drawing “comics magazines”. Each notebook had a cover (of some sorts) and was filled with a hundred plus pages of short comics, sometimes forming serials, sometimes not (and sometimes botched ideas which I usually quickly abandoned in the oh so creative way of “kill everyone and write the end” ). The longest story that survived from that period had 20 pages. I am guessing that 2-3 “serials” were longer, for example my attempts at my own version of Turtles, these were running for up to 50 pages I think (a guesstimate, as I have none of them left).

So right now Din Krakatau is my longest drawn creation. And I am only halfway done with it.

So what’s in store for the second half? Oh, you’ll have to read that. More adventures, perhaps couple more weird inventions and characters. But this isn’t the kind of future I want to talk about.

Well, what do I want to talk about then? *checks word count* Hah, 400 words of introduction. I always get carried away. Anyway. The idea of putting Din Krakatau into print. Now, I know this isn’t amazing, neither the visuals or the writing. But still, a couple of people who so far enjoyed the story immensely (or so they say and I have no reason to not believe them seeing how they pester me for further pages), and some of them would love to see the book on paper.

I know there’s no chance to sell it on paper in quantities that would cover the printing/promotion bill. I am simply not known enough to sell more than a hundred or two hundreds (and even that if I’m lucky). Regular print is out of question. So I looked into the cost of printing on demand. What’s POD, you may ask? Well, as the name implies, they’re printing your book only when someone orders it. That cuts out the cost of printing thousand copies, shipping them, storing them etc. On the other hand this method of printing is rather pricey, and this is where we come to a problem. On, printing a b&w book costs 2cents per page (plus various flat fees per book, costing extra if it’s a hardcover etc.) Printing a color book costs 15cents per page. So I’d have to sell the finished story for… oh, 30$? That’s not much, right? I mean, for 128 pages? Hell, that’s not much… that’s simply WAAAY TOOO much. But still, I have people wanting it in color.

And I am sure there’s a couple who would love to grab it in b&w. And this is where the wonders of POD come out. I can do BOTH editions and then people can choose whether they want to pay twice as much for color or not.

So, if the world still exists by then, Din Krakatau shall be made available 2009 in color and b&w versions. Meanwhile, I shall return to working on the 64th page.




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