26 07 2008

I seem to be somewhat lazy in the last few days. After the selfbondage report, I ran out of writing steam and haven’t blogged about anything in a couple of days. To be honest, nothing that important happened… although I did have a misadventure, but I’m not sure if I want to share that online. Nothing bondage related anyway.

So I’ll just make an overall update.

First half Din Krakatau is all drawn and uploaded, last page hits Monday, so that’s when I’ll write more about it. I have already started to scribble notes on where the story goes on from there. First half of chapter 3 should write itself quite easily, so that’s one worry less.

Music? Not much new on this front. I really need some funds going first so that I can afford a new, bigger drive to start  editing those 400+ tracks. Still scratching my head what will go to the video content of the box. Since I caught my selfbondage session one frame a second, it would be possible to do a high speed video of that which perhaps could be uploaded to youtube first and then made part of the box. Don’t know yet.

This Monday, unless the large scratch on the back of my heel won’t heal before then, I am going to a job interview. If lucky, that should make some funds flow. If not, I shall fall back to the trusty “at least I have time to create things” pattern. We’ll see.

Feeling like making a post with lots of youtube vids next time. Just because I can. And I should add more links, something other than just comics category.




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