Din Krakatau: First Half continued…

31 07 2008

After a break a bit longer than I planned I shall go over the second half of the so far posted pages.

Page 33 opened second chapter of Din Krakatau. It also opened new chapter of experimentation for me. The idea here was to try digital inking, and also to change the coloring method. Also, no erasing if possible. Page 34 followed that trend, but also experimented with word balloons without any “arrows” pointing at the characters on TV. Page 35 limited the amount of “inking” and it was mostly raw, darkened pencils, no erasing whatsoever, and so was 36, although at this point I started to notice drawbacks of this approach. Decided to roll with it for a little bit longer, perhaps slowly phase it out during the chapter or at the end of it.

Page 37 continued messy art from the previous pages and featured some really badly messed up jaw lines for the main character. 38 added messed up proportions (characters were too small) and a general lack of idea about what to do with the yellow backgrounds. 39 was an experiment in perspective/page layout, which I guess works well despite not that great artwork. And then followed page 40, which I rather despise, I mean, just look at these jaws, the helmet, lack of details inside! Oh well.

Page 41 was my first tiny step towards art improvement, I filled everything with a lot more detail than previously, but I have overtexturized it during coloring. It was also first page I have colored after a hiatus. Meanwhile page 42 was first page pencilled after the hiatus (during which I still had a rather large buffer of finished pages so there was no worries that I’ll run out of them or something like that) and basically here started my voyage to tighten the pencils. I have also picked up heavy shadows. 43 was still messy, but again and improvement, especially the coloring/explosions. Messy artwork worked pretty well on this one. On 44 I have tightened pencils even further, and I must say I was really happy with that page when I finished it.

Page 45 had a lowered amount of textures and again tighter pencils. 46 tried to follow that. After this came page 47. While at this point I am somewhat unhappy with it, when I finished drawing, it was the best page ever. Again gradual lowering of textures and different shading method. 48 allowed me to experiment with large white space and with speed lines.

Page 49 continued from the previous page with yellow speed lines and lighter background under them, and also allowed me to go a little bit crazy with breaking the panel borders (always sticking to the rule  to break to the NEXT panel in sequence not to confuse the readers). Page 50 nearly eliminated the texture, I wasn’t ready to use gradients at this point though so I left them. Also tried to rack up the dynamic there. 51 ended up being one of my favorite pages, and it was followed by 52, a 14 panel page! The biggest number of panels used by me so far.

53 used the same 16 panel grid as a basis, but this time I ended up with only 10 panels. On 54 I allowed myself a full-page long, vertical panel, despite the fact that only people with really large screens would see the entire page. Ended up being possibly the best panel so far. Page 55 cut down on the textures even further, cutting it down entirely from certain areas, while at the same time bringing first gradient experiments. I liked that, so page 56 has even fainter textures and soft shading on the last panel.

57 was the last page with any texture used, I also paid extra attention, I also switched to smoother/gradiented shading of the flaming character. Page 58, no textures for the first time, lots of gradients, some panel border experiments. On 59, even MORE gradients, I remember coloring the buildings was a real pain in the ass on this one. Page 60, experiment with borderless/jagged panels (kind of The Goon inspired).

On 61 I went the easy route  and just drew clouds of dust (which was set up by me on purpose so that I don’t kill myself from drawing all those ruins), and I must say this is a page that came together very nicely. 62 of course is even better. 63 is a bit of a step back, (the faces) but overall it works. And finally came page 64, which took me a while to write, not to mention some perspective struggles.

Overall… last 20+ pages were constant struggle to get the faces, poses, lineart etc. basically everything, to make it better. At this point I am confident that I should be able to finish at least this story (even if it takes several attempts to draw certain things), and perhaps start another one.

Over the course of 64 pages I have learnt a lot. Have gotten a lot more patient with my art (early pages are rushed), improved on anatomy (faces are much much better now) and learnt a lot about coloring.

So what comes next? Well, obviously second half of Din Krakatau! And after that, one of my 40+ projects that either will be pitched to a regular publisher, or shall become another webcomic.




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