Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 6

25 08 2008

And here we are, on the sixth update.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 93 pages pencilled, 64 pages online, 35 pages to pencil.

Yep, this means I have finished pencilling chapter 3. Can’t say I’m furiously happy about the last three pages (felt kinda weird all day long) but they’re done. All three were giving me some grief too. Well, nevermind. Tonight is free anyway. Tomorrow I shall be scanning and editing all 32 pages (if I’ll make it in time). And then on to coloring. And then to repeat it all one more time. Can’t wait to have this story finished.

While it is a bit early for that, I am thinking of the next title to work on, Six Bullets Left. This one needs some rewriting, but not much more than few pages (or so it seems to me). I should get some extra thicker pens and perhaps return to inking? since I trace off every pencilled line several times anyway, might just do it once or twice with the black pen. Seeing that the story is much shorter (only 66 pages, shouldn’t take more than a month and a half to pencil it all) this might be the way to do it.

Meanwhile, I shall return to being lazy.


Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 5

24 08 2008

Hah, might have as well named this blog the “Din Krakatau update blog”. Well, here’s more news on the progress.

On the last update, I was on 87 pages. Since then I’ve been consistently plowing towards the end and by the next update, third chapter should be pencilled entirely. Page 88 caused some friction while drawing and also has been subjected to a minor change in page layout, and a minor dialogue change which I think rings truer for the character saying it. 89 went on fairly smooth, can’t complain much about this one. 90 was also fine and I’m pretty pleased with the results on that one. 91 was interesting to make, haha (you’ll know when you’ll read it) and I had to look up some reference for the first panel. 92 started somewhat dreadfuly, but it quickly evolved into something better and I must say I am pretty pleased with some of the panels on it. 93 gave me a lot of grief. It was either not enough sleep or  the weather or something, but I seemed to have lost the ability to put the lines where I wanted them to go. As a result, it took me half day to do the upper row of panels. Once I got around to working on the lower 2/3rds of the page, it went much smoother and I even connected two panels in an interesting fashion.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 93 pages pencilled, 64 pages online, 35 pages to pencil.

I’ll try starting 94 tonight and hopefully  on Tuesday I’ll have the entire 32 pages of chapter 3 done, so I can start coloring them. Still hoping for September 8th as the starting date for the third chapter. That should give me enough time to work on the fourth chapter before the third one finishes.

Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 4

21 08 2008

Aaaand another update. I just blew my job interview by not only almost oversleeping, but also by not having any tickets when attempting to enter the LAST bus.. The result? Went back home and got some sleep instead. Oh well.

As I’m typing this, next to me sits finished page 87 and I am about to tackle the next page. So far it’s going pretty smoothly although there are frustrating panels here and there, but overall I can’t complain much. So, let’s get on with the pages.

I allowed myself a little cheat on 81 and partially traced a closeup from one of previous pages as it was perfect for my needs after some modifications. Lower row of panels? Not so hot, but it shows what I need it to show. 82 seems to be one of the better pages and 83 continued that nicely, although I overdid a perspective in one of the panels making the whole thing look rather weird. 84 was fun to make as it was fairly simple and I did a pretty decent job on perspective there, but it was somewhat heavily modified from what I wanted (went from horizontal to vertical panels). 85 came out a bit simple, 86 though was a lot more complicated. I’m kinda worried that I overdid with the bloody bits on this an on 87 (which started with me drawing the best gun ever and then led to couple frustrating panels).

Currently keeping up the consistent tempo of two pages every day, except for today, I still have to start the second page. I did start them at later hours on some days, yes, but I can’t say whether I’ll finish it or not.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 87 pages pencilled, 64 pages online, 41 pages to pencil.

This means I just need to do 88 and I’ll be done with the equivalent of a 4 issue miniseries. Can’t say how happy I am about that.

Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 3

18 08 2008

Wow, work frenzy!

Since the last update I drew a whole bunch of pages. On Saturday I have finished 74 and 75, just as I hoped. Sunday was even busier as I did three pages. Granted there weren’t that many characters to draw on these and some paste-ups will be involved, not to mention fairly simple backgrounds (can’t really put much detail while drawing a clean sky, haha), but still, 3 pages is the most I ever did.

Today I got pretty early and I’ve been drawing most of the day. Pages 79 and 80 are now done. Slightly messed up the layout of 79 and will have to rework bits in photoshop (cut & paste elsewhere, mostly). 80 on the other hand worked as I wanted it to.

This means I have drew half of chapter 3 in 9 days! Not bad.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 80 pages pencilled, 64 pages online, 48 pages to pencil.

Hoping to do at least one more today and then two on Tuesday and Wednesday each.  That would give me 21 pages before the job interview. Although considering the change of scenery I’m expecting to slow down soon. More “people” to draw too.

Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 2

16 08 2008

There we go. Couple of days later and couple of pages further. I have a job interview on Thursday, so for now I am trying to do as many pages as possible. Two days ago I have managed to finish two full pages in ONE day. That’s a new thing for me. Now if I could only make it consistent and then bump it up to three pages, that would be great.

There were some edits on the pages this time. Modified some camera angles on 69 for better dynamic, added an extra panel on 70 after noticing that I can’t have both characters in one panel without drawing a whole bunch of other people, heavily redesigned page 71 by shifting camera angles and cutting out one panel and redid page 72 from 6 to 8 panel sequence totally rewriting the shots, and also changed script on 73 slightly.

So far none of these changes changed any of the storyline and I think they’re mostly improvements. Meanwhile page 74 is pencilled in roughly 60% and I should finish it today and hopefully start 75. With a little bit of luck (no distractions) I should be capable to finish it before bedtime too.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 73 pages pencilled, 64 pages online.

I keep on wondering what edits will I have to make to have this thing printed. Of course first I’ll have to finish coloring these pages (once I’ve drawn enough of them) and post them on Drunkduck.

Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 1

12 08 2008

Again delays. Well, nevermind, here’s what’s going on.

I have finished scripting this Friday and took the Saturday off. Sat down on Sunday and drew the first page, or rather page 65. Right now, while I still struggle with the whole job business, I have found enough time to pencil four pages. Not bad.

I’m quite happy with how they look like. Sure, still plenty of room for improvements, but so far I managed to draw everything that I scripted, which is a pretty good result. Usually changes creeped in cause some camera angle was too difficult or whatever. Well, right now after four pages it’s going fairly smoothly. Going to do the fifth page today, if I manage. Perhaps finish it tomorrow.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 68 pages pencilled, 64 pages online.

Din Krakatau: short update

5 08 2008

No time for a longer post so I’ll be quick.

Third chapter is roughly noted down (I know where they’re supposed to go) and chapter four is mostly scripted. Tried to wrap up as much loose threads as possible while at the same time leaving some for possible sequels or somesuch.

So basically I have 32 more pages to layout/script loosely and then I can either go and refine the script, or sit down and start pencilling pages. We’ll see which one I choose once I am far enough.