Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 2

16 08 2008

There we go. Couple of days later and couple of pages further. I have a job interview on Thursday, so for now I am trying to do as many pages as possible. Two days ago I have managed to finish two full pages in ONE day. That’s a new thing for me. Now if I could only make it consistent and then bump it up to three pages, that would be great.

There were some edits on the pages this time. Modified some camera angles on 69 for better dynamic, added an extra panel on 70 after noticing that I can’t have both characters in one panel without drawing a whole bunch of other people, heavily redesigned page 71 by shifting camera angles and cutting out one panel and redid page 72 from 6 to 8 panel sequence totally rewriting the shots, and also changed script on 73 slightly.

So far none of these changes changed any of the storyline and I think they’re mostly improvements. Meanwhile page 74 is pencilled in roughly 60% and I should finish it today and hopefully start 75. With a little bit of luck (no distractions) I should be capable to finish it before bedtime too.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 73 pages pencilled, 64 pages online.

I keep on wondering what edits will I have to make to have this thing printed. Of course first I’ll have to finish coloring these pages (once I’ve drawn enough of them) and post them on Drunkduck.




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