Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 3

18 08 2008

Wow, work frenzy!

Since the last update I drew a whole bunch of pages. On Saturday I have finished 74 and 75, just as I hoped. Sunday was even busier as I did three pages. Granted there weren’t that many characters to draw on these and some paste-ups will be involved, not to mention fairly simple backgrounds (can’t really put much detail while drawing a clean sky, haha), but still, 3 pages is the most I ever did.

Today I got pretty early and I’ve been drawing most of the day. Pages 79 and 80 are now done. Slightly messed up the layout of 79 and will have to rework bits in photoshop (cut & paste elsewhere, mostly). 80 on the other hand worked as I wanted it to.

This means I have drew half of chapter 3 in 9 days! Not bad.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 80 pages pencilled, 64 pages online, 48 pages to pencil.

Hoping to do at least one more today and then two on Tuesday and Wednesday each.  That would give me 21 pages before the job interview. Although considering the change of scenery I’m expecting to slow down soon. More “people” to draw too.




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