Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 4

21 08 2008

Aaaand another update. I just blew my job interview by not only almost oversleeping, but also by not having any tickets when attempting to enter the LAST bus.. The result? Went back home and got some sleep instead. Oh well.

As I’m typing this, next to me sits finished page 87 and I am about to tackle the next page. So far it’s going pretty smoothly although there are frustrating panels here and there, but overall I can’t complain much. So, let’s get on with the pages.

I allowed myself a little cheat on 81 and partially traced a closeup from one of previous pages as it was perfect for my needs after some modifications. Lower row of panels? Not so hot, but it shows what I need it to show. 82 seems to be one of the better pages and 83 continued that nicely, although I overdid a perspective in one of the panels making the whole thing look rather weird. 84 was fun to make as it was fairly simple and I did a pretty decent job on perspective there, but it was somewhat heavily modified from what I wanted (went from horizontal to vertical panels). 85 came out a bit simple, 86 though was a lot more complicated. I’m kinda worried that I overdid with the bloody bits on this an on 87 (which started with me drawing the best gun ever and then led to couple frustrating panels).

Currently keeping up the consistent tempo of two pages every day, except for today, I still have to start the second page. I did start them at later hours on some days, yes, but I can’t say whether I’ll finish it or not.

Overall current state: 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 87 pages pencilled, 64 pages online, 41 pages to pencil.

This means I just need to do 88 and I’ll be done with the equivalent of a 4 issue miniseries. Can’t say how happy I am about that.




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