Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 7

3 09 2008

Damn, I thought I posted few days ago already, but the post landed in draft instead for some reason. Oh, whatever.

So, the entire third chapter has been drawn. Took me 16 days to do 32 pages, pretty good I must say. Well, speedwise anyway. Then I have spent 3 days (and I think one day off before that?) to scan and edit all the pages: adjusting brightness/contrast, filling black areas, pasting into my template and adding panel borders. Moving panels around if necessary too, but that was rarely needed, I think only on 2-3 pages total.

After that I started coloring, and right now I have ten pages of chapter three finished. That means they’re edited, colored, lettered, resized for web AND uploaded online. September 8th new pages will appear.

Overall current state: all 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 96 pages pencilled, 74 pages finished (54 to color and letter), 74 pages uploaded, 64 pages “live”.

I’ve been looking through various print-on-demand options, and I’m still not sure what to choose. Ka-blam? ComiXpress? Lulu’s unfortunately too pricey for color books. Oh well. ComiXpress has a somewhat bad opinion amongst some users. Printing delays, customer orders that weren’t sent etc. On the other hand they’re the most swamped with orders company, so maybe it’s not all that bad?




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