Going daily?

3 09 2008

Ok, this is an attempt to return to posting daily. Otherwise, delays will get longer and longer and pretty soon I shall start writing monthly posts. So here’s a bunch of random thoughts.

Things to do for the blog:

– Update links (so far I only did personal and comics related links, need to do more categories).

– Start posting interesting stuff I come up with on the net.

– Try not to turn this into a “dear diary” thing (I know I gravitate sometimes towards that).

Things to do creatively:

– Finish coloring and lettering chapter three of Din Krakatau.

– Pencil, color and letter chapter four.

– Assemble it in a book form through whichever POD publisher.

– Kickstart Pink Noise Inferno project by making a “preview promo” video for a selection of tracks.

– Edit/master/remaster/mix all 400+ tracks that will go onto the box.

– Work on a second comic.

– Improve art skills.

– Start selling things online (after getting Paypal): books, prints, tshirts, mugs, mousepads, whatever.

– Start posting art regularly on the blog (rather than just write about it).

– Expand from comics to artbooks/sketchbooks.

There we go. Oh, and also add “figure out a way of making income before I’m famous/skilled enough to make money on my art” line somewhere in there.




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