Options chosen…

5 09 2008

It appears my great POD search is over for now. After asking here and there and reading through several websites, faqs, blog posts and comments, forum posts etc. I have decided that right now (and hopefully in half year when I’ll be assembling Din Krakatau into a book form) there will be two choices to go with.

Ka-blam and Lulu.

Now, why these two? Well how about why not any others?

I’ve looked quite extensively into Blurb as a potential place to produce an artbook for myself, perhaps offer it for sale too. Their wonderful 13×11 landscape hardcover format looks… well, wonderful. I’ve heard their quality is pretty high and that now they ship worldwide and all. Except there’s one catch. No paypal.While getting a card that’s accepted for online shopping is not impossible, I am certainly not going to publish books through them as they currently pay only through checks. Well thank you very much, but if I sell two books in a month and make let’s say 20$ on them, 15$ will be eaten by whatever local bank agrees to accept the foreign check. Fuck that, I’ll wait.

That leaves me with Lulu for all my artbook/hard cover graphic novel options. While they don’t have 13×11, they do have 8.25×10.75 casewrap hardcover which comes out roughly 3-5$ cheaper than the quite similarly sized “Blurb Portrait 8×10 hardcover. I’m also missing out on the 7×7 square format, but Lulu has two similar square formats except in softcover. Well, whatever, got to make some losses.

Meanwhile, I have also crossed ComiXpress off the list of potential comic book publishers. Apparently their expertise shines in single issue format, while their trades come with various issues, often are being shipped late and they’re also very very slow at adding the book to their online store (and that very slow can turn into never) and with filling the orders from that store. While these might be complaints from a loud group of unlucky customers, I don’t want to risk my nerves to make sure whether it is so or not.

That leaves me with much pricier Ka-blam (which is still waaay cheaper for color printing than Lulu). While they don’t offer hardcovers, they do offer custom sizes, so the format stops being a problem there.

Other places I visited over the last few days either had no online store (and basically offered to me only the possibility of ordering some amount of books for sale myself, not wise if I want to operate on a foreign market… foreign for me anyway) or had other limitations. Createspace search for example generated a large amount of “promo press releases” etc. all over the web… and also a couple blogs, mostly filled with quality/payment complaints from customers. Not to mention that I’d have to register with IRS (which supposedly means complicated paperwork for a foreigner, especially me who’s always lost in these things). Other places were for photo prints only, and one of these had so outrageous prices that I could do nothing but laugh at that and close the browser.

Or just the tab.

So, Din Krakatau shall be printed through Ka-blam. Further color projects… we’ll see, depending on their nature. If they’re more traditionally comicbooky, sure. If a bit more experimental or single, very labour intensive volumes that NEED to be in hardcover, then perhaps Lulu?

I know that my b&w volumes shall be collected through Lulu (once I draw any that is, haha). As for artbooks, I guess the 8.25×10.75 hardcover is the only choice here. Switching to the 6×9 format just to save 3$ doesn’t appeal to me, especially since most of my Digital artwork is created in a large enough format for the big hardcover.

Ok, I am starting to ramble randomly, time to switch this off.




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