Testing another style…

7 09 2008

I got stuck while coloring Din Krakatau. Ten first pages of chapter three have all been done and then suddenly a block came and I couldn’t stand looking at photoshop anymore. Or at lest not at the “polygonal lasso tool” which I use quite a lot during the process. Tried to return to that today (so that I can have more pages done before the first one appears live on Monday), but I just couldn’t force myself to do so. All I did was color all the red on the page and that was it.

So, instead of forcing myself to work on that, I switched and started to do random practice art. Just some loose pieces with no relation to anything.

The three pieces  I came up with come after the jump 😀

Horny Gun

Horny Gun

This one I’m not too happy with. Sure, it’s ok, but after a reflection I think it doesn’t need the coloring/jagged shading.

Black Pants

Black Pants

After the previous piece and my reflections on it, I switched to b&w and drew this. I kinda like it, except that I screwed up her arms a bit. They look rather short.

Black Boots

Black Boots

The last piece came out the best (other than certain bits that were messed up, like one of the feet). Generally I think I’m onto something.

What I like about this approach is that it’s fast. What I don’t like, that I don’t have as much control over where I put the lines as I do when working on paper. A tiny cheap Volito2 tablet is not precise enough, plus the fact that I don’t see where I’m really drawing, other than the cursor on screen, affects the quality too. Also, I never see the entire page, so it makes more difficult to keep the proportions right (arms on the second pic). Still, that might be an interesting approach to use on top of pencil sketches, perhaps.

The style, as it is, if applied properly, should help me do more than two pages a day. I admit that I have erased at least 15 different sketches before I have settled on these three, which means I don’t have enough control over this form of drawing yet. Well, I’ll see how it develops. Perhaps at some point I should attempt the 24h comic in this style?

Meanwhile, I am rather tired and should head to bed.




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