Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 8

14 09 2008

Haven’t done one of these in a while… Again.

Well, the previous coloring sessions burned me out a bit and I had to slow down. So, I’m only six pages further than the last time, which is not that bad considering that in this time only three pages went live. Although if I’d manage to keep the tempo, I’d be done with it by now. Oh well.

Overall current state: all 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 96 pages pencilled, 80 pages finished (48 to finish), 80 pages uploaded, 67 pages “live”.

As you can see, I am 5/8 done with the storyline and I’m very happy to have done so many pages. After I color and letter 8th more, I’ll have the equivalent of 8 issue miniseries, and the next 8 will get me to the end of chapter 3.

I have discovered one problem though. The template that I used for my pages is wrong. Not much wrong, just a little bit off here and there. After cramming the pages into the Ka-blam template, it appears a lot of word balloons end up in the “yellow” area (meaning outside of what they consider to be the live area) and also there’s a small gap on left/right sides, meaning in case of some misprinting I might get white stripes on the edges. Well, that’s just great.

I moped around for a day or two and decided to go on, as messing around with the templates at this point would be stupid. Just finish it and then worry. The difference is not that bad, I can modify the edges of pages easily.  But I’ve been thinking of doing it as an oversized book. Use the current page area and treat it as the book’s live area, trim off the trim, this way I get a nice, large page. Seeing that Ka-blam allows custom sized books at no extra charge, I can simply do that. Well, not that simply, I need to figure out the new page size and the trim… argh. But, the situation can be salvaged.

This also made me think a bit about further projects, but that’s best left for another blog post.




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