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14 09 2008

After the template fiasco (look previous post), I ended up thinking and rethinking the format I want to use for my books in the future. Clicking through options at Lulu and looking at all the possible shapes and sizes, I have decided that 6×9 could be a good choice.

First: no problems with calculating a new Photoshop template. I checked already and it was pretty simple to set up (although I almost messed up that too by shrinking the live area to 4×7 rather than 5×8 as I wanted). No weird numbers like 6.625 or whatever happens in comics.

Second: the page size is not that much smaller than American comics. Sure, I’m loosing a bit in the height department, but the change is not that drastic.

Third: kinda nostalgic. The Live Area I came up with (set up somewhat arbitrary by myself to avoid anything important disappearing in the spine of thicker books) reminds me a bit of the old days when I was working on A5 sized paper.

Fourth: It comes both in soft and hardcover.

I discarded the idea of hardcovers earlier as they make the price rise for about 10$, which considering a color book would be a total overkill. But wait, I want to switch to b&w due to being able to work faster, color doesn’t enter into the  equation, seeing as in this format there’s no color hardcover.

If I understood their site correctly, I can even convert my project into a hardcover then, meaning I could probably use both. I love hardcovers myself and would love to have everything come to me in that format. Well, anything that features any type of art that is, text books can be in softcover, whatever.

So, before I loose track of where I am heading. This option finally won me over. I can have my books in hardcover (for about 10$ more), but I can also offer them in softcover for those who want to pay 9.99$ instead of 19.99$ or 14.99$ instead of 24.99$. I think it’s a good choice, but I’ll see what kind of complications arise as I go on with the future projects.




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