17 10 2008

Now that was a long break. I was torn between not having time to do anything and not having time to do anything else but feeling bad that I’m not working on Din Krakatau. Well, on Wednesday evening (night, actually) I felt like listening to some podcasts, which lead to me picking up the pen and paper again, starting to work on chapter 4. I did roughly 2/3rd of a page and went to bed.

The very next day I have finished that one and drew THREE PAGES MORE! YAY! Good result for me!

Which means, I have finished pencilling pages 97-100 (nice round number). Currently there are 82 pages online and 28 pages to go (nice reversed digits). There’s also exactly 14 pages left of chapter 3 to go live (half of 28). So I’m changing my statistics to a countdown.

46 pages to go live, 32 to color and letter, 28 to pencil.

I’m hoping to keep up the tempo like I did on the third chapter. Then it would be just a matter of doing some color illustrations for the covers and interior artwork, handing it off to someone for spellcheck/grammarcheck… and hopefully scraping enough funds to get paypal.

Oh… and of course I’ll have to slightly reformat the pages to fit Ka-Blam’s template (as I messed up mine and the sizes are off) and then strip out the color from the color pages. Woe is me (not really, it’s just time consuming).




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