Pencils done!

31 10 2008

I have finished pencils for Din Krakatau. After finishing few more pages than in the previous update I had to take a short break since my back started to complain. After a week or so off, I have returned… and pencilled 21 pages in 6 days. That’s right, six days… or nights rather.

Started on Saturday, did page 108 to get back into the groove. On Sunday, I managed to hit four pages. My previous best was 3.5 page, so doing pages 109-112 was a nice thing to happen.  Monday night was EVEN BETTER as I did FIVE pages: 113-117. Tuesday was just as good with pages 118-122, followed by Wednesday with 123-126, leaving the last two pages for Thursday. And here I am.

Now, to re-script the entire chapter, scan the pages, edit them, color, letter, sent them off to a friend for a spell/grammar check and upload them, while at the same time start working on the printed version (there will be several edits required to make that happen).

Overall? I am damn happy. while the pages are still not complete, I have achieved the goal of 128 pages and completed the storyline. And I’ll probably sell ten copies too, haha.




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