128 complete!

15 11 2008

That’s right. Few days ago I have finished lettering the last pages of Din Krakatau. A page or five still needs some tiny fixes (forgot to color someone’s hair on one, there are some typos here and there, basic stuff like that), but basically that’s it.

So what’s the next step?

I have to resize and edit all the pages before I can print them. After totally screwing up my template, and choosing a smaller print format, I am stuck with 128 pages of artwork that can be scaled down, but needs to be relettered, and panels with vertical bleed need to be edited (as they’re barely extending in the trim area, meaning it might cut the artwork properly but also might leave a thin white line at the edge of the page).

Luckily that’s only about 40-50 pages that need the last one, so I’ll make it somehow. After having them fitted into the 500 dpi manga/digest format template, I’ll have to also create b&w/greyscale version so that I can offer both for sale.

After that I’ll still need covers, additional artwork for title/chapter title/bonus pages, and finally paypal. Still a lot of work ahead.

So what’s in other news? I have officially stopped trying to register to The Comic Forums. Trying four times is enough. I guess I’ll just send the Indie Spinner Rack guys an email instead… whenever I feel ready to write one about how I listened to their show most of the time I spent working on chapter four (and during the coloring second half of chapter 3). But since I suck at writing emails it will probably take a while. Meh.

Din Krakatau link in the menu on the right, no need to plaster it all around my posts.