Octobriana: Gender Revolution for The Masses

11 02 2009

Octobriana design

Octobriana, as remade by me for the remake/remodel thread on Warren Ellis’ Whitechapel. Click the image if you want to see a bit larger version on the DeviantArt page.  Here’s what I wrote about it over there.

This was created for the remake/remodel thread on Warren Ellis’ Whitechapel forums, but I’m too fond of the end result to just let it die with the thread, thus moving it here.
Octobriana is a character that’s currently in public domain (and has been used by comics artists in UK, US, Finland etc.). You can learn more about her checking this wiki page [link] or just googling for Octobriana.

So what’s the idea? I took the revolution and tried to applied it to sexuality, but since “sexual revolution” would link to hippies or something like that, I went with gender revolution. With her oversexed image (and huge hair!) she was the perfect target for “dragqueenification” (not a word, I know). Furthermore, communist ties: the color red, while the nickname she’s sometimes given, devil-woman, plus the fact that the star is basically a pentagram in disguise led to the replacement of that star with an aforementioned pentagram.

Meet, Octobriana, the leader of the band of the same name who uses heavy militant beats…. you know? there’s a story for a graphic novel somewhere in that pic.

That thing on the top is supposed to be natural, fake and cyberhair mixed all together and I also gave him/her my boots (yes, I got a pair like that, except they have lower heels, inner zip and no pentagram… also they don’t sit that well on very skinny legs).

Left leg raised to show off the boot and to avoid “bulge in your face” shot.

And you know? This is giving me ideas for a short graphic novel. Not sure whether it would be using the name Octobriana at all or just the design I came up with, but there are some ideas brewing inside my skull.

If anything would come out of it, it would probably be about music, gender and religion, I guess. Or something, no idea.




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