Aurora Borealis is a pangender entity stuck in a male body, born somewhere in the middle of 1980 in a boring corner of a country commonly known as Poland.

Currently working on Pink Noise Inferno audio project and on a webcomic called Din Krakatau. Also creating digital art that can be seen on the following DeviantArt page.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis


2 responses

19 10 2008

holy shit,gojira from the audiogalaxy forums. i remember stille von landsberg,din krakatau,and kaiju gajiin from way back.
the poster formerly known as heartsparkdollarsign here.
i make crappy gameboy noise.

10 01 2009


It´s been such a long time and I´ve feverently been looking for you guys around.
Where the heck have you all gone to? Missed ya guys ❤
Would be happy if you´d write me some time.

Lovely greeting from germany,

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