Moving and expanding!

18 01 2010

We’re moving to a new home: Noise Fetish. To be honest I still haven’t decided what will happen to this place. Maybe I’ll just abandon this blog as it is perhaps I’ll change its focus, no idea. Anyway, for now, this place is technically closed.

The new site? I’ll try to post there more often, that is I’ll aim for daily and not less than once a week.

Meanwhile, take a look at my two latest books:

Moon Jade Angel #1: a 48-page full color sketchbook/artbook/short comic anthology hybrid available for 5.99$ through Indyplanet (or Comicsmonkey, for comic store retailers). Preview available at both links.

Inkbook#1: a 52-page black and white sketchbook with my 2009 art (40 pieces done between September-December 2009, 12 older ones) for 4.99$ from Indyplanet (and for retailers, Comicsmonkey).

Enjoy! And see you at the new place.


DeviantArt revival

10 02 2009

Decided to revive my DeviantArt page. Already posted one piece (which was already presented on this blog) and I’ll be uploading more images in the upcoming days. Or perhaps I’ll put them all up in one night. Whichever.

At least it’ll give me an incentive to post here (or maybe not) .

Going daily?

3 09 2008

Ok, this is an attempt to return to posting daily. Otherwise, delays will get longer and longer and pretty soon I shall start writing monthly posts. So here’s a bunch of random thoughts.

Things to do for the blog:

– Update links (so far I only did personal and comics related links, need to do more categories).

– Start posting interesting stuff I come up with on the net.

– Try not to turn this into a “dear diary” thing (I know I gravitate sometimes towards that).

Things to do creatively:

– Finish coloring and lettering chapter three of Din Krakatau.

– Pencil, color and letter chapter four.

– Assemble it in a book form through whichever POD publisher.

– Kickstart Pink Noise Inferno project by making a “preview promo” video for a selection of tracks.

– Edit/master/remaster/mix all 400+ tracks that will go onto the box.

– Work on a second comic.

– Improve art skills.

– Start selling things online (after getting Paypal): books, prints, tshirts, mugs, mousepads, whatever.

– Start posting art regularly on the blog (rather than just write about it).

– Expand from comics to artbooks/sketchbooks.

There we go. Oh, and also add “figure out a way of making income before I’m famous/skilled enough to make money on my art” line somewhere in there.

A minor success!

13 07 2008

Just a quick note this time.

I have managed to recover my Google account at last. Having already set up this blog, I decided to import contents of the old one rather than return there. I like Worpress more anyway.

New blog?

11 07 2008

Ah, the wonders of internet. I am forced to start a new blog. Why forced, you may ask?

Well… Here’s the story.

After Blogspot switched to blogger 2.0, they went with Google Accounts rather than their own accounts. I delayed switching as long as it was possible, but then I had no choice. Had to get a google account.

Ok, whatever, I’m not going to need it for anything else, just one more login and password to remember. So I got the account, switched… and all kinds of shitty login problems started. As a result I stopped posting on my blog, not being in the mood for trudging through various problems.

A year has passed since my last post, and I decided to revive the blog. I tend to sit on a couple of forums, but often I want to talk about stuff that’s absolutely unrelated to them, so a blog would be a good place. I can also connect my various media projects together (as I am attempting to break into comics and music). Bringing back my blog seemed like a good idea.

So I go to the site and attempt to login. Oh wait, what’s my Google Account? Umm… uhh… crap.


The next thing, I am scrambling all over the place, checking various options, attempting to remember the login/password, going through many recovery options and all that shit. Nothing worked.

So here I am, with  a brand new blog continuing the tradition of the previous one, that is: Pure chaos 😀

There will be updates on all the things I create and on various interesting stuff that I found on the net. And personal musings on topic that no one cares about but me. Having said that, it’s time to catch up on other activities, I have wasted enough time on moving here.