Coilstar Press

1. Coilstar Press? What does it do?

The aim of Coilstar Press is to publish comics and graphic novels by Aurora Borealis, using Print on Demand (further referred as POD). POD allows to print as few copies as necessary, using digital printing technology. At the same time these books never go out of print.

Currently, the plan is to use Ka-Blam and to offer the books through Ka-Blam’s IndyPlanet store.

2. Is there a way I can sample the books before purchasing? I like to know what I’m buying.

Each title will be also  available to read for free as a webcomic, either on it’s own domain (or a shared domain for all Coilstar titles) or through one of free webcomic hosts. This way, everyone can make up their mind whether they want a particular book or not. As the catalog expands, there will be also a preview pdf/cbr file with sample pages and descriptions of all the titles and volumes.

3. What genres or styles can I expect? How long are the books going to be?

The aim is to create a large catalog of works in various styles and genres, all from a single creator yet featuring vastly different visions of future, past and alternative present. Coilstar Press shall publish longer multi-volume cycles as well as single-volume and oneshot stories, focusing mostly on two formats: 100-200 page long manga/digest sized trades and 48-52 page long issues in standard comic book size.

4. What books can we buy/read?

Coming soon:

1.  Amen City Chronicles:  Din Krakatau color edition; manga/digest format, full color, 136 pages;  guesstimate price 19.99$

A redrawn b&w version of Din Krakatau and further volumes of ACC  and other books are currently being written and drawn.

Din Krakatau


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