Moving and expanding!

18 01 2010

We’re moving to a new home: Noise Fetish. To be honest I still haven’t decided what will happen to this place. Maybe I’ll just abandon this blog as it is perhaps I’ll change its focus, no idea. Anyway, for now, this place is technically closed.

The new site? I’ll try to post there more often, that is I’ll aim for daily and not less than once a week.

Meanwhile, take a look at my two latest books:

Moon Jade Angel #1: a 48-page full color sketchbook/artbook/short comic anthology hybrid available for 5.99$ through Indyplanet (or Comicsmonkey, for comic store retailers). Preview available at both links.

Inkbook#1: a 52-page black and white sketchbook with my 2009 art (40 pieces done between September-December 2009, 12 older ones) for 4.99$ from Indyplanet (and for retailers, Comicsmonkey).

Enjoy! And see you at the new place.


Inking Spree

1 05 2009

Few days ago I went through a stack of older sketches (most of them late 2008 or early 2009) and decided to ink as many of them as possible.

This last image wasn’t just inked but also drawn while the scanner kept on trudging through the other 7 pages. I was bored, so I drew more.

Testing another style…

7 09 2008

I got stuck while coloring Din Krakatau. Ten first pages of chapter three have all been done and then suddenly a block came and I couldn’t stand looking at photoshop anymore. Or at lest not at the “polygonal lasso tool” which I use quite a lot during the process. Tried to return to that today (so that I can have more pages done before the first one appears live on Monday), but I just couldn’t force myself to do so. All I did was color all the red on the page and that was it.

So, instead of forcing myself to work on that, I switched and started to do random practice art. Just some loose pieces with no relation to anything.

The three pieces  I came up with come after the jump 😀

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