Time to Post Something…

3 02 2009

Wow, have I neglected this place!

Well, yesterday, Din Krakatau finished its online webcomic serialization. Today, a final post-page got posted, informing of the future printed edition. Let’s hope getting that thing printed won’t be too difficult. In theory it’s all simple, just up the files, pay for the proof, receive proof and verify it and approve for online sale. Yeah. I just hope nothing weird pops up along the way (plus I need that Paypal fully active first anyway).

Moving on: so, what are my future plans? I have ideas for three or four different projects that I’d love to do this year. These include a short graphic novel which I’ll call “SBL” for now (below 100 pages), a long graphic novel “VE”  (300 or more, done in a rather “sketchy/messy” style) and a sequel to Din Krakatau, “ACCv2”. I might also start working on “WoN”, but that one is going to be a special one.

Other potential projects (and their abbreviated titles that will be meaningless to anyone but me) “LoR”, “MJA” and perhaps some short color stories. And maybe “GB#1”.

Heh, totally mysterious post.

SBL has been in the making for a while now. It was my second finished script, one that I wrote for myself and then dumped it as I couldn’t draw well enough at that point. I’ll be revising the story and expanding it a little bit.

VE is another old project of mine, it started couple of years ago with a short story I’ve written. This story was going to be a beginning of a larger series, but that never happened beyond couple of drafts. As for the comic itself, I tackled it once, writing the script and drawing very raw layouts. Ended up scripting the first two issues in script form (and had it layouted visually until the middle of second chapter).  I decided to return to it and use the story as a basis for my “300 project”. What’s the 300 project? It’s a rather crazy idea of drawing a 300 page graphic novel in a space of a month. The story in VE is long enough for that, especially since I have couple of larger “arcs” in mind and these could easily fill the book. Might even need an additional volume. Will see how it works out visually, for now I just draw random sketches of characters and such.

ACCv2, that is second volume of Amen City Chronicles (first one being Din Krakatau) shall most likely follow closely from this story and through the use of “a group of friends/relatives telling stories” trick, I shall use it to tell couple of shorter tales and lead into the third volume. This one most likely shall be titled “Demon Eater”, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

as for WoN, it’s a project that I’m expecting to be a little controversial (since it deals with religion and all) and is going to be a huge undertaking (several hundreds  of digitally painted pages), which means I’ll probably have to do it in chapters/issues. As much as I don’t like these, 40-52 page issues wouldn’t be so bad in the end.

That’s it for now.


Going daily?

3 09 2008

Ok, this is an attempt to return to posting daily. Otherwise, delays will get longer and longer and pretty soon I shall start writing monthly posts. So here’s a bunch of random thoughts.

Things to do for the blog:

– Update links (so far I only did personal and comics related links, need to do more categories).

– Start posting interesting stuff I come up with on the net.

– Try not to turn this into a “dear diary” thing (I know I gravitate sometimes towards that).

Things to do creatively:

– Finish coloring and lettering chapter three of Din Krakatau.

– Pencil, color and letter chapter four.

– Assemble it in a book form through whichever POD publisher.

– Kickstart Pink Noise Inferno project by making a “preview promo” video for a selection of tracks.

– Edit/master/remaster/mix all 400+ tracks that will go onto the box.

– Work on a second comic.

– Improve art skills.

– Start selling things online (after getting Paypal): books, prints, tshirts, mugs, mousepads, whatever.

– Start posting art regularly on the blog (rather than just write about it).

– Expand from comics to artbooks/sketchbooks.

There we go. Oh, and also add “figure out a way of making income before I’m famous/skilled enough to make money on my art” line somewhere in there.