From Pulpgrind to Coilstar

7 03 2009

I decided that the name “Pulpgrinder Books” sounds silly, so after a lenghty brainstorming session with good friends of mine (which mostly consisted of one of them shooting down one of my dumb ideas after another), I came up with Coilstar Press.

Meanwhile, I have finished redesigning the cover and all of the non-story interior pages (inside cover, title page, chapter pages, commentary etc.) so it’s one step closer to finding to completion of Din Krakatau. Still need to tweak the text bits and the credits page, though.


Just added a page…

8 02 2009

Decided to add a sub-page for Pulpgrinder Books. There’s not much there right now, just a short description of plans and goals.  I tried to sound more official by writing it in third person, but for some reason writing things like that makes me feel silly, as if I was pretending not to be in the room.

Now I just need to find a way to make it all happen, not to mention a way to keep myself focused on producing new pages for future projects. I’d say it’s a good time to start because while the $’s aren’t the strongest currency these days, it still is considerably stronger than OUR currency which has been plummeting considerably in the last half year or so (still not as bad as the pound has).

When every sale has a potential of bringing you 150% of what it would do previously, it looks pretty good, don’t you think?