Amen City Chronicles: Din Krakatau color edition

24 09 2009


Finally, after a long wait, Din Krakatau is available for sale through Indyplanet.

The entire webcomic is collected in this 136 page manga/digest sized trade paperback for 19.99$.

Want it? BUY HERE!



128 complete!

15 11 2008

That’s right. Few days ago I have finished lettering the last pages of Din Krakatau. A page or five still needs some tiny fixes (forgot to color someone’s hair on one, there are some typos here and there, basic stuff like that), but basically that’s it.

So what’s the next step?

I have to resize and edit all the pages before I can print them. After totally screwing up my template, and choosing a smaller print format, I am stuck with 128 pages of artwork that can be scaled down, but needs to be relettered, and panels with vertical bleed need to be edited (as they’re barely extending in the trim area, meaning it might cut the artwork properly but also might leave a thin white line at the edge of the page).

Luckily that’s only about 40-50 pages that need the last one, so I’ll make it somehow. After having them fitted into the 500 dpi manga/digest format template, I’ll have to also create b&w/greyscale version so that I can offer both for sale.

After that I’ll still need covers, additional artwork for title/chapter title/bonus pages, and finally paypal. Still a lot of work ahead.

So what’s in other news? I have officially stopped trying to register to The Comic Forums. Trying four times is enough. I guess I’ll just send the Indie Spinner Rack guys an email instead… whenever I feel ready to write one about how I listened to their show most of the time I spent working on chapter four (and during the coloring second half of chapter 3). But since I suck at writing emails it will probably take a while. Meh.

Din Krakatau link in the menu on the right, no need to plaster it all around my posts.

Pencils done!

31 10 2008

I have finished pencils for Din Krakatau. After finishing few more pages than in the previous update I had to take a short break since my back started to complain. After a week or so off, I have returned… and pencilled 21 pages in 6 days. That’s right, six days… or nights rather.

Started on Saturday, did page 108 to get back into the groove. On Sunday, I managed to hit four pages. My previous best was 3.5 page, so doing pages 109-112 was a nice thing to happen.  Monday night was EVEN BETTER as I did FIVE pages: 113-117. Tuesday was just as good with pages 118-122, followed by Wednesday with 123-126, leaving the last two pages for Thursday. And here I am.

Now, to re-script the entire chapter, scan the pages, edit them, color, letter, sent them off to a friend for a spell/grammar check and upload them, while at the same time start working on the printed version (there will be several edits required to make that happen).

Overall? I am damn happy. while the pages are still not complete, I have achieved the goal of 128 pages and completed the storyline. And I’ll probably sell ten copies too, haha.


17 10 2008

Now that was a long break. I was torn between not having time to do anything and not having time to do anything else but feeling bad that I’m not working on Din Krakatau. Well, on Wednesday evening (night, actually) I felt like listening to some podcasts, which lead to me picking up the pen and paper again, starting to work on chapter 4. I did roughly 2/3rd of a page and went to bed.

The very next day I have finished that one and drew THREE PAGES MORE! YAY! Good result for me!

Which means, I have finished pencilling pages 97-100 (nice round number). Currently there are 82 pages online and 28 pages to go (nice reversed digits). There’s also exactly 14 pages left of chapter 3 to go live (half of 28). So I’m changing my statistics to a countdown.

46 pages to go live, 32 to color and letter, 28 to pencil.

I’m hoping to keep up the tempo like I did on the third chapter. Then it would be just a matter of doing some color illustrations for the covers and interior artwork, handing it off to someone for spellcheck/grammarcheck… and hopefully scraping enough funds to get paypal.

Oh… and of course I’ll have to slightly reformat the pages to fit Ka-Blam’s template (as I messed up mine and the sizes are off) and then strip out the color from the color pages. Woe is me (not really, it’s just time consuming).

Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 9

18 09 2008

Whoah, what a mad dash to completion this was. I discovered that I can listen to podcasts while drawing, so doing two separate things at the same time I don’t feel the need to drop the coloring, nor do I lose track of the podcast. Well, this resulted in the last few nights. Every night I was coloring FOUR PAGES!

Today I ended up lettering it all…. which means.

Chapter three is FINALLY completed! This should give me enough buffer to work on chapter four, and hopefully finish it before I run out of pages. Don’t want to make another delay.

So what’s the overall state? 96 pages done, 32 pages to do.

And now excuse me, while I go entertain myself to save my sanity from Photoshop induced nightmares.

Din Krakatau: Work in Progress update 8

14 09 2008

Haven’t done one of these in a while… Again.

Well, the previous coloring sessions burned me out a bit and I had to slow down. So, I’m only six pages further than the last time, which is not that bad considering that in this time only three pages went live. Although if I’d manage to keep the tempo, I’d be done with it by now. Oh well.

Overall current state: all 128 pages scripted and thumbnailed, 96 pages pencilled, 80 pages finished (48 to finish), 80 pages uploaded, 67 pages “live”.

As you can see, I am 5/8 done with the storyline and I’m very happy to have done so many pages. After I color and letter 8th more, I’ll have the equivalent of 8 issue miniseries, and the next 8 will get me to the end of chapter 3.

I have discovered one problem though. The template that I used for my pages is wrong. Not much wrong, just a little bit off here and there. After cramming the pages into the Ka-blam template, it appears a lot of word balloons end up in the “yellow” area (meaning outside of what they consider to be the live area) and also there’s a small gap on left/right sides, meaning in case of some misprinting I might get white stripes on the edges. Well, that’s just great.

I moped around for a day or two and decided to go on, as messing around with the templates at this point would be stupid. Just finish it and then worry. The difference is not that bad, I can modify the edges of pages easily.  But I’ve been thinking of doing it as an oversized book. Use the current page area and treat it as the book’s live area, trim off the trim, this way I get a nice, large page. Seeing that Ka-blam allows custom sized books at no extra charge, I can simply do that. Well, not that simply, I need to figure out the new page size and the trim… argh. But, the situation can be salvaged.

This also made me think a bit about further projects, but that’s best left for another blog post.

First page live!

8 09 2008

Today is the day. First page of chapter three has finally hit online. I was getting worried as drunkduck was down yesterday and I wasn’t sure if it’ll be up in time. Luckily, it did go up hours before the new page, so no worries 😀

(link’s in the menu on the right of course)

Busy drawing random shit on paper rather than coloring the next few pages.